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School Uniform Belts

School Uniform belts

We create school uniform belts for schools and ROTC programs across the nation. Our belts work perfectly for students who need belts for dress code, or to simply keep up their pants! Our belts are safe and easy to use, making it simple for even younger children to operate on their own. Easy to open and close belts can mean less bathroom accidents, and no required help from school staff to buckle the belt. Your school logo can be make on these belts that abide by dress code, and can come in a variety of school appoved colors. For parents looking to order a single belt for their child, please use the Create Your Own Belt page to send in your logo!

For School Programs - Fundraising and More

School programs, such as sports and extra curricular programs, these belts can make great fundraising items for your team, club, or organization. Sports teams, cheerleaders, science clubs;  could design custom belts for their organization and sell them to their members. This is a great way to raise funds for the organization and provide a useful item to its members.

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