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Bracelet Strap


Bracelet strap accessory can be used on any buckle to turn it into a bracelet!



Bracelet Strap is made to fit around base of wrist and works just like the belt attachment. It can be removed from the back of the buckle and interchanged with the web belt. Bracelet straps do not come with metal tips, but are sutured so the fibers do not fray. Straps can be ordered in any web belt color. Select from drop down menu.


The bracelet strap comes in three sizes: Kids (10 and under) 8 inches, Adult 9 inches, Adult XL 10 inches.

We recommend the Kids size for children with small wrists, usually ages 10 and under. If the child has a larger wrist, we would recommend getting the Adult size. We recommend the Adult XL for men & women with large wrists. The majority of our customers will fit into the regular Adult size. All of the strap sizes can be adjusted, and can fit a wide ranges of ages/sizes.


The bracelet strap can be resized very easily. To make it smaller: open the buckle and cut end with scissors to desired length. Burn end with lighter.

To make it larger: look on the back of the buckle, lift the strap up and move down. Press the level down to desired length.

  • Gender Unisex
  • Age Group All Ages
  • Color Black

    Belt Colors

    These are all of the web belt colors for you to choose from. These colors are for reference only, and may differ depending on your computer screens settings. If you need any exact match, please request a swatch before ordering.
    Colors that are labeled with "reversible" have a different color on the backside. Our glitter colors have a solid color on the back, so it can be worn on the glitter side, or the solid side. Our print web belts are a solid color on the other side. The prints with black in the belt have a solid black back. The digital camo is khaki on the opposite side, and the olive camo is olive green on the other side.

    Web Belt Color Chart


    Refer to below size chart to select the correct size. Belts are measured to fit on lower hip. If you are in between sizes or in doubt, choose the larger size. Belts can be adjusted simply at home if they are too long. For questions or advice on sizing, please contact customer service!

    Size Chart

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Bracelet Strap

Bracelet Strap

Bracelet strap accessory can be used on any buckle to turn it into a bracelet!

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